Frequently Asked Questions for Frugalxchange.com

Q: Is this site Free?
A: Yes! This site is completely Free! You are free to browse, free to register, and free to submit your own items to this site! You can even create and join groups with others that have the same interests as you!

Q: Do I have to register for this site?
A: Registering is optional, however you will only be able to view the database, you will not be able to participate in adding items, commenting on items, or creating and joining groups. There may be other features in the future that require registering to use.

Q: What are the perks to Registering with this site?
A: Where to start?! When you register for this site, you become a part of a team, we work together to put out all the latest frugal data! You will be able to take part in this by submitting items you find! From coupons to sales ads, Booklets, Freebies, Facebook Deals, Coupon Match-ups and more, we strive to create the ultimate database when it comes to living a frugal life! Maybe you have a flare for writing and want to share those skills along with your knowledge of saving money by submitting an article for others to read and vote on. You can create groups, Join groups and follow groups. You can even search the database for the item you are looking for. If you don't want to forget where you found it, simply click the save button and it sends it to your saved file on your profile tab! This is especially great if you come across several coupons or freebies you want to print or sign up for, but not near a printer at the moment!

Q: Can members post referral and affiliate links in their articles and submissions?
A: Currently, members are not allowed to post any affiliate or referral links in their item submissions. However we will be implementing a plan for that in the near future for perhaps our Top submitters, or maybe to only the submitters we deem as non-spammers.

Q: Can members make money using this site?
A: Yes. It is possible to earn money using this site.
One way is through Google Adsense Revenue Sharing.
What is it? If you have a Google adsense account, you can enter your Google Adsense Publishers Id in your Profile, then every single time you submit something, you are ads are going to show to those viewing your submissions. The more you submit, and the more interesting topics you write or submit, the more you are going to get page views and ad clicks.

Q: I already have a blog that I update daily, why should I post information here too?
A: Even though you have a blog, and readers, wouldn't you like to reach a new batch of readers as well? This site can introduce many people to your writing style and direct them to your blog, where they can become new followers! Plus, you have the ability to have your adsense seen on this site as well as your personal blog. Also in the future, there will be a program inplemented to allow other advertising and Affiliate links!
Not only all those reasons, but also you never know who you will meet when you are branching out!

Q: If I register, what will you do with my personal information?
A: We will never give out your personal information when registering for this site. Your information will only be used for purposes on this site, such as contacting you matters concerning this website.

Q: All this sounds really interesting, where do I go to get started and what is needed from me.
A: To register, click the Register link at the top right of this site. You will be asked to create a user name, Enter your valid email and create a password. After those steps, you will be registered with this site! Fast and easy!

Q: How much personal information will I have to give?
A: The only thing we need from you is a valid email address. You create whatever user name and password you would like. If you would like to enter more information about yourself, such as your name, location, Occupation, public email or website all you need to do is go to the profile tab and click modify. If you are a private person and just here to see the deals and join some groups, then you can leave all those fields blank. We need nothing more than an email address which will not be seen by anyone other than the owners of this site!

Q: what should I do if I have a problem with something on this site, or if I have a question or suggestion?
A: To contact us anytime, you can send an email to Frugalxchange (at) Gmail (dot) com. Someone will respond as soon as possible.